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February 2009

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art is calling

loveyone in writerreference

Here is Where We Start

Well I thought I would just welcome you all to my little community. Its here for everyone, but I will be posting things I find in my research spurts (which will be often at times and seldom at others). But I do warn you that my posts will probably either very general, or very focused for what I need in my story.

Other then that all I would like to say in this first test post is to introduce myself. I will re-post how I introduce myself in the info section and I would hope you all borrow it to introduce yourselves if you need a little inspiration :-P

Name (Real, Pen name, livejournal name, etc.): Well my real name is Cara and its what I write under so I guess that's what I'll go as.
Age: 20
How Long You've Been Writing:  Well, since as long as I can remember, but I've been working on and fixing a series of books since seventh grade. Yeah I know that's a long time, but hey, it's taken quite a turn a few times and has evolved to something I have come to love that is as much a part of me as the air I breathe.
What You Write (Poem, Prose, Short Story, Novels, Etc.): Mostly I write and research for my novel. But when I stumble across writer's block then I usually try to write short stories or poems. 
Been Published?: Nope, though I did submit to my college's literary book and have my fingers crossed to see if that gets published. Then when I finish with the novel/novels in my series I hope to try and get them published.
Anything Else?: Not yet, but I might tweak this later.

Oh, I hope to try and get a naming topic up soon. Hopeful by this weekend.