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February 2009

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loveyone in writerreference

As I promised...

Well as I said in my last entry, I am going to do a little tidbit on how I choose the names for my characters in my story:

I am a big fan of symbolism. That should be a major clue to how I name my people, places, things, etc. There is one site that I use a lot, www.behindthename.com, and have found it very handy. Especially since it has multiple ways to search. You can look under areas of the world, time periods (this is by area usually as well), there are a few themes, there is a section on fun twin names, and then there is actual search engine where you can search by a name, a meaning, and one other way that is escaping me. 

For the most part I find words and descriptions that fit my characters and I can spend hours looking for what I think is the perfect name. This seems like a long time, but for me it's just enough. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, and my characters are like children to me. I mean even though they are fiction, I watch them grow from birth to death. Its a close bond and I feel that bond needs a well thought out name. 

Though I do warn you, use a thesaurus when using Behind the Name, using different words bring up different names. And trust me, there are some strange, and intriguing names out there. My characters go from the normal to strange when it comes to names. But when the name fits, it fits.