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February 2009

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art is calling

loveyone in writerreference

So, I am sorry that it's been a long time...

God, life is busy. College, relationships (family, friends, boyfriend) and writing. All of it consumes my life and I struggle through a day with out wanting to curl up in a ball and just ignore everything. But I did promise a bit ago some sort of post here. For the most part, I was just going to describe an experience I go through constantly, and I would love to hear your responses and get something similar from you guys. So the topic of the day is: What encourages you to write?

For me it has never been the constant call of the "muse", though I know many writers who use this term as their push to write. We all need something. For me it's dreams. I love to dreams, and I can usually find myself vividly dreaming. And because of those vivid dreams, I can find myself in a writing frenzy for days, sometimes weeks with just one dream. And the fact that we dream constantly, adds to that time frame. I know a few writers that write this way. Granted, I write constantly, or try to. Though I do find myself stuck in the usual writer's block that most writers fall into. But when I have a good dream, it can keep me busy.

I always have a notebook and pen beside my bed for that very reason. I write down my dreams, or ideas from dreams, in it and go through them later. I have small projects and I have big projects. My pet project is the novel(s) I work on. But I love my poetry, though it falls to the depressing side constantly, and I love my shorter works. I baby them, which isn't always good. I grow with them. I place myself in my MC's shoes and learn with them. I feel their pain, and I dream their dreams. My life is their life. Obsessive? Yes. Enjoyable? Very. 

I always recommend to struggling writers to write this way. To keep a notebook beside their bed, handy for these kind of situations. It's always helped me to get out of writer's block. Maybe it will help me.

So I end this before my Lit. class begins with a couple questions and encouragement: What helps you write? Where do your ideas flow from? And if you ever find yourself struggling: lay down for an hour and two and let yourself dream. Even daydreaming works!