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Feb. 24th, 2009

once upon a time


Hello, New Member Here...

*timidly pokes head through door*

Ummm, Hi!

I'm Evelyn Wordsmyth, I'm 22, and I've ideas for a fantasy story brewing and constantly changing in my head for years.
I wanted to become a part of a community as a way of getting critique and feedback. I think if I'm writing *for* someone, with deadlines and what-not, it's a way of getting me off my bum and get my ideas out on paper.

I hope this is a suitable community for my type of stuff, my main story being about a young Native American woman learning to become a shaman while living in the modern world, then using her powers and skills to defeat evil. Perhaps not the most original idea, but it's one I've had in my head for years, and I hope to give it a fresh eye. 

If this is acceptable, than I can post something here in the next few weeks. If not, please say so.

I look forward to...whatever may come.

Aug. 30th, 2007



Looking for Fetish Erotic Writers / Artists

Hi all

Tribute to John Willie's Bizarre is looking for original stories and pictures of a fetish nature for this exciting new website from the creator of Limited Audience.

If you would like to submit something to be published on this site, please contact us.

Thanks in advance.


Jun. 1st, 2007

art is calling


Alright here's the deal

I know I promised to do the World Building questions once a day. I think I jinxed myself because I ended up getting sick that day :( I'm finally recovering and I will try and get a few more questions up by the end of the day.

May. 24th, 2007

art is calling


Oh my god its been way too long.

*Smacks her own hand* Bad monitor! I am sorry that I have neglected this community so bad. Life has hit me like a bag of bricks and its most unforgiving. Crazy school schedules, multiple hospital visits, and other problems have made things hard to deal with. And as sorry as I am about it, this community wasn't on the top of my list of things to work with. 

I did think about a project though to go through with all you guys, or by myself. It's a world building exercise from the Science Fiction Writers of America site. It is a series of in depth questions on the world you write about. I know its helped me a bit and I don't know how many of you out there have created your own world, but I know it took me a yar or two before I really thought about diving into the world I've been writing for for so long. It took me a long time before I accepted that the extraordinary tasks I was having my characters preform weren't worthy of an Earth like atmosphere. So the perfectionist I am had me out in cyber world searching for the type of questions readers would ask when it came to this new world of mine.

But to the task at hand, I was thinking about posting a question or two a day, and hopefully my schedule will allow this now, god forbid any more emergencies, from their site and I hope to see some answers in comments to see how this process goes for you. I will try to get my own responses in here as well, though they will probably take more time getting on here then the questions themselves. If you guys don't want to go at my speed, the website for these question du jour is at www.sfwa.org/writing/worldbuilding.htm

But on to the questions!!!

The first section on the site is about the World itself. Here are a few questions to get started with: (this is copyrighted material of www.sfwa.org, I am not putting this off as my own work!)

  1. Are the laws of nature and physics actually different in this world, or are they the same as in real life? How does magic fit in? How do magical beasts fit in?
  2. Is this generally an earth-like world? Is it an "alternate Earth"?
  3. Are there different human races, whether or not there are non-humans like eles or dwarves? How does this cultural and ethic diversity of this world compare to the real world?

Alright everyone, I hope to see this off as a good start. I hope to talk to you all tomorrow.


Apr. 2nd, 2007

art is calling


So, I am sorry that it's been a long time...

God, life is busy. College, relationships (family, friends, boyfriend) and writing. All of it consumes my life and I struggle through a day with out wanting to curl up in a ball and just ignore everything. But I did promise a bit ago some sort of post here. For the most part, I was just going to describe an experience I go through constantly, and I would love to hear your responses and get something similar from you guys. So the topic of the day is: What encourages you to write?

For me it has never been the constant call of the "muse", though I know many writers who use this term as their push to write. We all need something. For me it's dreams. I love to dreams, and I can usually find myself vividly dreaming. And because of those vivid dreams, I can find myself in a writing frenzy for days, sometimes weeks with just one dream. And the fact that we dream constantly, adds to that time frame. I know a few writers that write this way. Granted, I write constantly, or try to. Though I do find myself stuck in the usual writer's block that most writers fall into. But when I have a good dream, it can keep me busy.

I always have a notebook and pen beside my bed for that very reason. I write down my dreams, or ideas from dreams, in it and go through them later. I have small projects and I have big projects. My pet project is the novel(s) I work on. But I love my poetry, though it falls to the depressing side constantly, and I love my shorter works. I baby them, which isn't always good. I grow with them. I place myself in my MC's shoes and learn with them. I feel their pain, and I dream their dreams. My life is their life. Obsessive? Yes. Enjoyable? Very. 

I always recommend to struggling writers to write this way. To keep a notebook beside their bed, handy for these kind of situations. It's always helped me to get out of writer's block. Maybe it will help me.

So I end this before my Lit. class begins with a couple questions and encouragement: What helps you write? Where do your ideas flow from? And if you ever find yourself struggling: lay down for an hour and two and let yourself dream. Even daydreaming works!


Mar. 20th, 2007

art is calling


Hey All

I know I haven't been updating this community, basically at all, but I did the stupid thing of starting this community at a time when I have everything due at Uni. Now I am in the midst of finals week. I hope, though, after all of this stuff that's been going on I can post a few entries.

Keep Writing,

Mar. 13th, 2007

so pretty



I'm dyslexic, so I have problems with grammar sometimes. But I've already used spell-check and stuff so I got the really obvious, glaring, painful stuff. And also, I AM looking for constructive criticism, but not a flame... not that I think any of you would do that, I'm just saying... this is my baby, not that I think it's the best but it would be like you attacking a child of mine. That being said, I open to you "Serladeca: [insert yet to be decided upon subtitle}"!

Feedback = nice. Flames = yuck.Collapse )

Mar. 12th, 2007

so pretty



Name (Real, Pen name, livejournal name, etc.): Amber, Cesna, cesnarose is my livejournal name, Just Amber my myspace, and that's about it!
Age: 20
How Long You've Been Writing:What You Write (Poem, Prose, Short Story, Novels, Etc.): Well, I've been writing since before I could write. Weird, I know, but I've been making fantasy stories since I was four. I had to tell my mom what to write at the bottom of the page for me, and I would draw the pictures for her. :)
Been Published?: Naw, but I'm hoping to publish soon.
Anything Else?: I'm probably going to post my intro to my novel 'Serladeca' soon. I don't have any feedback on it yet, so be gentle. D:

Mar. 4th, 2007

art is calling


As I promised...

Well as I said in my last entry, I am going to do a little tidbit on how I choose the names for my characters in my story:

I am a big fan of symbolism. That should be a major clue to how I name my people, places, things, etc. There is one site that I use a lot, www.behindthename.com, and have found it very handy. Especially since it has multiple ways to search. You can look under areas of the world, time periods (this is by area usually as well), there are a few themes, there is a section on fun twin names, and then there is actual search engine where you can search by a name, a meaning, and one other way that is escaping me. 

For the most part I find words and descriptions that fit my characters and I can spend hours looking for what I think is the perfect name. This seems like a long time, but for me it's just enough. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, and my characters are like children to me. I mean even though they are fiction, I watch them grow from birth to death. Its a close bond and I feel that bond needs a well thought out name. 

Though I do warn you, use a thesaurus when using Behind the Name, using different words bring up different names. And trust me, there are some strange, and intriguing names out there. My characters go from the normal to strange when it comes to names. But when the name fits, it fits.

Feb. 28th, 2007

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Here is Where We Start

Well I thought I would just welcome you all to my little community. Its here for everyone, but I will be posting things I find in my research spurts (which will be often at times and seldom at others). But I do warn you that my posts will probably either very general, or very focused for what I need in my story.

Other then that all I would like to say in this first test post is to introduce myself. I will re-post how I introduce myself in the info section and I would hope you all borrow it to introduce yourselves if you need a little inspiration :-P

Name (Real, Pen name, livejournal name, etc.): Well my real name is Cara and its what I write under so I guess that's what I'll go as.
Age: 20
How Long You've Been Writing:  Well, since as long as I can remember, but I've been working on and fixing a series of books since seventh grade. Yeah I know that's a long time, but hey, it's taken quite a turn a few times and has evolved to something I have come to love that is as much a part of me as the air I breathe.
What You Write (Poem, Prose, Short Story, Novels, Etc.): Mostly I write and research for my novel. But when I stumble across writer's block then I usually try to write short stories or poems. 
Been Published?: Nope, though I did submit to my college's literary book and have my fingers crossed to see if that gets published. Then when I finish with the novel/novels in my series I hope to try and get them published.
Anything Else?: Not yet, but I might tweak this later.

Oh, I hope to try and get a naming topic up soon. Hopeful by this weekend.